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Europe, sandwiches and new tracks


Hi guys!

I'm very proud to mention the letter of intent Hammond Suzuki Europe and Codarts signed on Tuesday April 17 in which both shared their interest in promoting the education in Hammond organ at Codarts. In my opinion, this is a huge step in developing eductation at the highest possible level!

Hammond and Codarts will also cooperate in the international recruitment of students and investigate the viability of starting a joint pre-education trajectory. 

The presence of mr. Shuji Suzuki, president of the Suzuki Corporation, and mr. Shun Aoji, head of the international sales department, at the signing was a true and unexpected bonus.  Boye and Willem played some music on Hammond B3 and XK5.  More about this on  Codarts website

Boye and Willem are my fellow partners in the NewHammondLAB as well. Last week we were invited to produce a music track for the opening of the yearly conference of Dutch Higher Education (Jaarcongres Vereniging Hogescholen). I wrote an overture for our LAB, which we expected to be suitable for this job. Arranging, recording and mixing were all a joint effort. What do you think of this one-minute version? Would you like to hear an extended version?

HS Azijnfabriek 010.jpg


A Hammond Sandwich

In 2017 Dutch alto saxophonist and great jazz personality Paul van Kemenade asked me to join his new project: Hammond Sandwich. Together with collegue Arno Krijger, we intent to add a very personal sound to the music of this band instead of performing a probably more expected Hammond battle. A sound with with fast and high notes; screamin' Leslies and blues. In fact, it will probably be nothing but the blues

It's not that I'm condescending about these kind of Hammond battles, I was happy to take part in very pleasant meetings with Rob Mostert and Sven (Hammond Soul) Figee and with Mike Carr and Dirk van der Linden in the past, but .... this instrument has so much more to offer. Arno and I, in my humble opinion, are constantly finding new colours in sound and music and are blending them like a sandwich!

Almost every member of this band, Paul (as), Jeroen Doomernik (tp), Chris Strik (d), Arno & me contribute original compositions. It's a true joy to be part of this project.

'flying' on a forklift with equipment (Jazzroom Breda)

Yes, I know! It took me a while to come with a new release, but it's almost there.

Next week, four new tracks will be audio-mastered. My dear friend Job van Nuenen is working hard to extract and design video clips with the material from the six camera shoots we made during the recordings last year. I'm really curious about what you will think of this new material.

Personally, I think the performances I did together with my musical soul mates Jordi Geuens (drumming, producing and mixing) and Theo Janssen (recording & mixing) sound like a fresh and clear start into the area of a true New Hammond Sound. But please, some patience is still required.

There's more to come so please stay tuned!  Carlo