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Rhoda, mixing & New Hammond Records

It has been an exciting week! Four days of being in the presence of Rhoda Scott: her personality, wisdom, openness, friendliness and frankly just her still being that great performer. How nice it was to have the opportunity to talk to her for several hours, which resulted in a huge input for my PhD, Hammond education at Codarts and as a personal inspiration. Rhoda’s daughter and personal manager Eugénie accompanied her all the time. She keeps Rhoda free from unnecessary activities, which results in this healthy and energetic grand old lady of the Hammond. Almost all of ‘Hammond Netherland’ showed up during her four concerts, both young and old.

A lot of the stories Rhoda told me will be included in the second chapter of my PhD research, but first I will finalize chapter one. Expect this to be published real soon.

Altoist Benjamin Herman accompanied Rhoda, which reminded me of the more than 12 years I had the pleasure to perform in his organ quartet. What an outstanding guy he still is!

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New Hammond Records

This Friday Jordi Geuens, mix engineer Theo Janssen and I had an audio mix session of the recorded tunes from last year, made in my former Geertruidenberg studio. We’ll release those New Hammond Sound tracks in the Spring and next week Job van Nuenen and I will work at the matching videoclips. I promise you it will be a fresh New Hammond Sound project. It will also be the start of my own New Hammond Records company!

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B3's coming back

The last thing to tell you in this second blog, is that my B3 organ will finally return from Sjaak van Oosterhout on February 26. I can’t wait to play again and study all new possibilities.

So many things are happening at the same time right now and I’m very pleased with that. More to follow soon.

Stay tuned! Carlo

My World of Hammond (1)

Music, words, Rhoda Scott & Hammond at Codarts

It was a busy week: the announcement of both the renewed Hammond bachelor & master course at Codarts and a Hammond Event on March10 which I will organise (program with Hammond students, NewHammondSound' Jordi Geuens, Sjaak van Oosterhout about Hammond technology & more). Also, a very special chance has occurred: on February 12 I’ll get to interview my first love when it comes to Hammond, Rhoda Scott! It's for my PhD and for Codarts to celebrate our Hammond course. I'm very excited to speak to Rhoda for an hour and half or so.


Imagine a 2018 Hammond version of Kraftwerk!  Last Friday we rehearsed with New Hammond Lab: Willem 't Hart, Boye Ingwersen and me. We believe it'll be a very special sounding project.

‘My ‘mate’ Jordi Geuens and I are mixing four original songs we've recorded last summer in my former Geertruidenberg studio. And although we're no mix-pro's (Jordi almost), we try to achieve our New Hammond Sound: modern, dynamic, a big sounding duo. We'll finish the mixes with our trusted engineer Theo Janssen soon and I've also got to work at all the videostuff too with a little help from another buddy Job van Nuenen (but everyone is sooo busy...)


Yesterday the air-conditioning was installed in my new studio (thanks Alan), yeah. It's not only cooling, but also warming up for when I just sit still and write...because, that's what I’ve been doing most last month: writing, writing and writing for the first chapter of my historic research. I'd never thought of writing 10.000 words for only the first part of a story. Still a lot has yet to be done (add all the right references and more stuff), but this is A BIG step for this musician over here!

Don't be shy to talk to me, Carlo

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My World of Hammond (0)

Hi, as you probably (want to) know I'm a Hammond organist, developing music, sound, my Hammond modular instruments and projects all the time. Besides those projects I'm teaching Hammond at Codarts (conservatory Rotterdam) and doing a PhD research on the history & future of the Hammond organ. It's a lot, I know, and sometimes confusing too. So many things are happening at the same time and that's why I came up with the idea to write a regularly blog about 'my World of Hammond' to keep grip on this for myself and for you. Hope you'll like to follow this journey too and feel invited to react. Till soon, Carlo