Carlo de Wijs

World of Hammond organ


D’WYS has one foot in musical history and the other moving through the musical trends of the 21st Century.

Music from our August 2016 record session, work in progress!

Carlo de Wijs geniet enerzijds internationale faam vanwege zijn virtuoze spel, anderzijds schuwt hij het experiment niet.
Een verbluffende set. Carlo de Wijs ging uit zijn dak op zijn hammondorgel tijdens het nummer Cookin’ for Jimmy met zalig vette, voluptueuze, rauwe klankscheuten.
— Parool

Dutch Television 2011 with Benjamin Herman, Jesse van Ruller, Joost Patocka

Little wonder that D’WYS stole the show. True musical inspiration, think and groovy swing and his own vocal harem “The Voices of Soul”: charming and with a stage presence jilled with pleasant irony.
— Haarlems Dagblad

AbouT ME (press release)

Carlo de Wijs is a Dutch musician, composer and producer. As Hammond organ player he was one of the people who witnessed the revival of the Hammond organ in the early nineties up close. He toured internationally with his own projects such as D’WYS & the Voices of Soul, Swing Support and KeyJay ánd with the bands of others like Benjamin Herman, Lucas van Merwijk, Candy Dulfer, Steve Lukather and Gary Brooker. He distinguished himself from other Hammond players by always finding surprising and artistic collaborations and use of composition, colour and playing techniques for his instrument and its sound. His B3 instrument is always evolving through interaction with analog and digital technology: whether this concerns instrument modifications or experiments with Moog- and modular synthesizers and peripherals or Ableton Live and MAX software.

Carlo found a new role and challenge as the artistic manager of the pop and jazz department at Codarts (University of the Arts in Rotterdam) where he focused on leading a team of teachers and working on developing and innovating the way of teaching. Art education led to research as the next step in his career. Together music, education and research means the integration of the approach and vision of his ambition to give the Hammond organ a breeding ground in use of the instrument, sound and tradition to perpetuate the revival and popularity of the instrument. By doing this he simultaneously aims to consolidate the professional education of a new generation of Hammond talents and users into a contemporary context. This brings us to his current PhD research: The micro dynamics of musical innovation: history and the future of the Hammond organ.


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Hammondorganist Carlo de Wijs gaf de muziek diepte door met zijn drawbars voortdurend subtiele klankkleurwisselingen te laten ontstaan.
— Volkskrant
Carlo’s band plays music with taste: fantastic vocals, a sweet clear sound and extremely strong compositions. His unique mix of styles never sounded as complete as it does on Organtasy.
— Music in Movement
Put the energetic Carlo D’WYS behind one of these ‘monuments’ and you can hardly believe your ears. Barefooted and with ‘two pairs of hands’, he just conjures the notes out of the old wooden axe. Unbelievable!
— Sneker Courant

Live Dutch television 1997, TROS Sesjun: Carlo de Wijs and his Voices of Soul

Doet niet onder voor het werk van de bekende Amerikaanse Hammondorganisten Jimmy Smith of Jack McDuff.
— Jazz Nu
Carlo D’WYS schopte bij het opkomen zijn gympen uit en zijn blote voeten werden het vierde lid van het trio: daarmee speelde hij de baspartijen op het pedaal. Hij was niet alleen met de toetsen bezig om muziek te maken: de schuifjes voor volume en klankkleur werden voortdurend razendsnel en heel subtiel aangepast. De Wijs had sinds kort een vocoder, waarmee zijn stem in de Hammond kon worden gevoerd en zijn zang vervormd met de melodie meeklonk. Ook weer een kleuring van het geluid.
— Leeuwarder Courant
One of the shining stars in the field is Carlo D’WYS, who has integrated the Hammond into contemporary music in his own, original way.
— Music Maker

With Gary Brooker in A whiter shade of pale on Dutch television 1998

Benjamin Herman, Carlo de Wijs, Jesse van Ruller and Martijn Vink play the track 'Franks Wild Years' live at Lowland 2009